“Bruce Payne clad in S&M leather is so sexy, it’s no surprise all the women he comes in contact with want to be a part of his virtually reality porn game”
--Alexandra Nakelski in a review of Paranoia 1.0 at Fangoria.com


“The always charismatic Bruce Payne...” “Bruce Payne (The Neighbor) laid on the charisma and the macho-ness thick as the 'we love to hate him' sleaze ball”
-- John Fallon, Journalist/Film Critic, Arrow in the Head

"Bruce Payne is a classy guy"
--Giovanni Sampogna aka Geo. Shanger (Second Unit Director or Assistant Director of Paranoia 1.0)  on IMDb



Doug Aarniokoski, director of Highlander Endgame says, “Bruce Payne is the consummate professional. Bruce was just a great guy and a truly hard worker.” The two has previously worked together on the film “Howling VI” where at the time Aarniokiski was Assistant Director. From the moment Aarniokiski saw the script, he knew that Bruce was the right actor for the role.

“Playing Kell, Payne is more fun than either of the stars”
--  Andrew O’Hehir, Salon Magazine

"But on its own terms, Endgame is pretty good, largely thanks to Bruce Payne's efforts as the bad guy”
-- a
reviewer at Trashcity.org.


"The one in the cast that seems to be having the most fun,” writes another Internet reviewer, "is Bruce Payne...Payne contrarily gives a performance where he enunciates every syllable with real relish and dramatic weight, resulting in a performance that is entirely captivating whenever he is on the screen."


“Working with Bruce Payne was the ultimate pleasure for an actor. He is wonderfully talented and the consummate professional”
-- Ian Paul Cassidy,
Cracker Bob from
Highlander: Endgame.





“Bruce Payne brings a touch of class to the film. His performances are solid. He’s actually the more “human” character in the film and gets to display some kool acting moments.” 
-- John Fallon, Journalist/Film Critic, Arrow in the Head

Regarding the interviews of the cast about the movie, Fallon states, “Bruce Payne – he seems like a kool dude”

“Molly (A. J. Cook) and Kane (Bruce Payne) are wonderful characters and their chemistry together is part of the glue that keeps the film together. Their intimate scene alone is worth the price of admission. I only wish there had been more scenes with the two of them to build it up, because that payoff, and how it shapes how you see the rest of the film is sheer gold”
-- a reviewer from Amazon.com



"Bruce Payne really has the spooky part down well". His Rane is one the creeepiest villains I've seen in a while"
-- Colin Jackson at dvdmg.com


"Passenger 57 features a sensational villain. Bruce Payne in the ROLE OF HIS LIFE as terrorist Charles Rane...As good as Snipes is as Cutter, Bruce Payne nearly steals the show, because from the time he appears in the film's opening scene, Bruce Payne turns Charles Rane's every line into Shakespeare, and Rane's every act of violence into a threat of something worse"
--- DVDBarn.com


"In my opinion, this film is a 99.9% success. The favorite has to be the icy-cool role of Bruce Payne (Charles Rane), who fits into the character perfectly, using dialogue and facial features. Just one thing...BRUCE PAYNE IS GORGEOUS!"
-- a reviewer at StoreWideSearch.com


“In Passenger 57, villain Bruce Payne steals the plane—and the movie.” from  the article “A Terrorist To Die For” in People Magazine, 1992


"Charles Rane a.k.a. "The Rane of Terror" will freeze your heart, and everyone else's on board too. There's not a moment in this movie when your eyes are not glued to the screen and unlike other terror filled dramas you can root for the good guys all you want, but the outcome on this one is not predictable. I've yet to see a hardened criminal played so excellently on any movie. Mr. Rane (Bruce Payne) has already been the brilliant mastermind behind four other terrorist attacks and this one promises to have you holding your breath"
-- a reviewer from Amazon


"Passenger 57 does deliver on some pretty lofty thrills. And the baddies themselves, well let's just say they all pale in comparison to their leader, a man who could give fantasy superspy James Bond a serious run for his money"
-- a reviewer from Amazon


“Terrorist Charles Rane is well played by Bruce Payne!”
-- Robert Roten, film critic, Laramie Movie Scope

"Bruce Payne Is Not Insane.
 - Again.
Bruce Payne Is Not Insane.
- Again.
Bruce Payne Is Not Insane.

Anyone who says Bruce Payne's best role isn't Charles Rane is only kidding themselves, to be quite frank"
-- a reviewer from the IMDb




"But ultimately, I have to agree with another reviewer whose words  I read before going to see this film...Bruce Payne (Damodar) as Profion's nefarious assistant in his power hungry schemes was the stand-out performance of all the actors in the film. Payne has a true lock on how to play a character that is menacing even without any show of power. His portrayal of Damodar calls to mind Doug Bradley's portrayal of Pinhead in the Hellraiser films, so coldly, coolly arrogant and confident is his character. Above and beyond the grade I give to this film, Payne has earned himself an A+ in my gradebook".
-- Prof J at  http://csc.aix.cc/profj/dnd.htm


"I consider Bruce Payne's performance to be remarkably good considering what they dumped on him"
-- a gamer at gamingreport.com


"Bruce Payne was Damodar, who in my opinion was the most interesting character in the movie, though he had little to no competition for that prize"
-- a reviewer at badmovieplanet.com


"Bruce Payne as Damodar: Okay, the ultimate bad a** in the movie. He pretty much hits at least once everyone in the film and looks ubercool while doing it"
-- a reviewer at realmsofevil.com


"She shares a mutual respect for Bruce Payne, who plays Damodar. The trickiest scene for me was this scene with Damodar. He's a very bad guy. He has to read my mind with these tentacles that come out of his head and his ears. Tentacles come around and caress my face, my ears, and my neck. They pretty much suck my brains out."

- Taken from an interview with Zoe McLellan, (Marina Pretensa in Dungeons and Dragons), Dragon Magazine, 2000

"The man [Profion as played by Jeremy Irons] should really take notes from his colleague Bruce Payne, who plays his henchman Damodar. Now there is a villain! He has it all, the almost expressionless face, ice cold look and a voice that is definitely going to send shivers down your spine. He made me believe that if I were standing in front of real live Damodar I would definitely pi** myself"
-- Parvus Mico www.freewebs.com/kosjenka/dungeonsdragons.htm



"Bruce brought to the film his own brand of evil intensity and the suave charisma that was required for the Warlock. In the first two movies, Julian was very smooth as the character, but Bruce makes for a scarier villain. You feel he is capable of more evil than Julian."
--Eric Freiser, director/co-writer of Warlock III  from Fangoria
Magazine, October, 1999


“As the Warlock, Bruce Payne, an actor who has magnificently theatrical charisma, and presence is actually better in the part than the perpetually overwrought Julian Sands”
-- Richard Scheib, The Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy Film Review Database


“Bruce Payne gives a charismatic, subdued scary performance. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Bruce Payne is all charm”
John Fallon, Journalist/Film Critic, Arro
w in the Head


“Bruce Payne when given enough air time and a role he can flex his abilities in can keep a viewer interested. And he does it here in Warlock III. There is the usual teenybopper horror storyline, but Payne surprises one in what would be just another sequel. Payne is capable of a sense of presence and cultured delivery. He exhibits it here. He’s glossy stuff. If you like his work and want to see him weave a character into his own, this is it” --  a reviewer from Amazon.com




“A deliciously villainous turn by a long-maned Bruce Payne. Just when you think Payne has been as vicious as he could be, he pulls one more little trick out of his hat, and his over-the-top cruelty is disturbingly effective”
-- a reviewer at Amazon.com


“What makes it so enjoyable? I gotta admit part of it is thanks to Bruce Payne as a corrupt Internal Affairs Officer, (with a nose ring no less!). Lemme say this – his character was AWESOME”
-- a reviewer from Amazon.com


“The villain in the movie (Bruce Payne) is awesome. He has long blonde hair and a pierced nose and plays the villain awesome”
-- a reviewer from Amazon.com


"If not for Bruce Payne who obviously had fun over-acting, this would be one of the worst movies I ever saw. Fortunately Payne probably saw the mess he was in and decided to take the money and at least have a good time so we get a bad guy's caricature that is actually quite funny”
-- a reviewer at the




"Bruce Payne is wonderful as Harker. R. B. Harker played by Bruce Payne is the one thing that makes this film watchable. His unrepentantly evil Harker is wonder, aristocratic, neither over or underplayed. In the traditional style, he sleeps in search of his native soil, comes out at night and is killed by a stake through the heart. Harker metamosphoses into a pointy eared blue monster hideously deformed reminiscent of the 1922 Nosferatu, with the long talons. He wields power over the freaks, but can charm normal people. Alas, he is not introduced until 20 minutes into the film, and he is never explicitly referred to as a vampire which is a shame, more vampiric activity please!"
 -- www.vampiremovies.co.uk/reviews/howling6.htm


"Howling VI is the best one they've ever made! Drive-In Academy Award nominations for Bruce Martyn Payne, as Harker the freak show owner!" writes Monstervision's Joe Bob Briggs
 -- www.angelfire.com/mn/nn/Howling6.html


"The real star of the film, though, is Bruce Payne who is once again amazing to watch as the bad guy"
-- a reviewer from the IMDb


"Harker (Bruce Payne) is undoubtedly the most interesting of them all and the revelation of his true nature - while a little hard to digest at first - is the one that chills"
-- a reviewer from the IMDb


"Bruce Payne is great as his usual evil self"
-- a reviewer from the


"Bruce Payne's performance as the main villain, Harker, being quite enjoyable"
-- a reviewer from the IMDb

"Harker in Howling 6: The Freaks. Every scene he has in the film is a classic one-liner delivered with his cutting English accent.  Class"
-- a reviewer from the IMDb




"Most monsters have a sort of grudge against humanity, but I don't think Garou does: he simply dislikes crime. That makes him interesting, and Bruce really brings all of these nuances out. He's a wonderful actor and a very bright man."
-- Script writer Richard Christian Matheson, Fangoria Magazine #129 article, "Full Eclipse: Full Moon Fever: Police Lycanthropy"




“After viewing Silence Like Glass, I was fascinated by the strength of Mr. Payne's performance. Mr. Payne's Echo in Wonderland leaves ripples in his wake.....”
-- a reviewer from the IMDb




“Bruce Payne is a great movie bad guy, but in this one, he's the hero and he does a good job!”
-- a reviewer from Amazon.com




Bruce earned broad acclaim for what one critic called his “meaty, saving-grace performance”
--excerpt from the article, “The Smart Money is on Bruce Payne” in Face Magazine, June, 1986


"Payne comes through with a surprisingly good tenor singing voice - not at all what I was expecting having heard him speak. I expected a baritone or bass singing voice, not this clear tenor. He also looks great in the hilariously overdone drag for the "Lemon sisters" scene (or was it "Andrews sisters"?).

Definitely a must-see for Bruce fans"
-- a reviewer from the IMDb


"Most have seen him do the bad guy stuff and make it look so effortless... Bruce Payne has CHOPS, and it is limited thinking by Hollywood, and searching for actors they can do pre-sales before anything has been shot. This guy should be playing good guy roles, like a cop for a NEW "csi" or a loving father. What about doing gr8 work? It'$ only limited to small mind thinkers to keep an artist from NOT stretching out! This guy has Major Chops!!

"One of the great things about his Jurgen character was that you never really knew if he was a good guy or a bad guy. Which, of course, just goes to show how good an actor Bruce is.

SERIOUS frigging CHOPS - so why isn't he getting more attention?"

"Payne is an amazing talent, and under-used or type-casted as a bad/heavy! I have seen him work in person & one of the Lowest Matience[sic] actors in the biz!!!"

"He could read the Yellow Pages?
Could make me cry and laugh!"



"Dungeons and Dragons! That's where I discovered the incredible Mr. Bruce Payne! I had never had a favorite actor until Bruce! Never, never have I watched an actor that has kept me as spellbound & mesmerized as Bruce! I was in absolute awe of his overwhelming intensity, facial expressions & awesome talent! I thought he was extraordinary! And without a doubt, still do & always will! He's the best there is!"

-- Israfel



"La Femme Nikita!!! OK so it's not a film but it was 3 hours total so close enough.

The character of Jurgen is proof that heros can be as interesting as villains. Mysterious, nuanced, complex, and not least, sexy. What a fascinating character. There was a reason Jurgen was voted the most popular one that year.

 -- Ariel


We made these statements in 2003. And now in 2008, these statements remain as true as the day we first made them! We have been BP fans for almost 8 years (Israfel) and over 5 years (Ariel). And we still are!!

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