Since other fan sites have posted disclaimers or terms of use, we here at Bruce's Angels decided to do so also. However, unlike some other sites, fans will not have to sign their names in blood to visit.

All the photos on Bruce's Angels have been captured from film or TV by Israfel, our photos manager, unless another source is stated. We do not mind if you use any photos that appear on Bruce's Angels. The film screenshots are copyrighted by the original movie and are allowed to be used by fan sites under the doctrine of fair usage. However, we would appreciate it if you would be considerate enough to ask first and give credit to us as the source. We think that's the fair thing to do. If the photo is listed as coming from a source other than us, please do not use it.

All graphics, banners, collages, essays, etc. are copyrighted by us, again, unless otherwise stated.   We give credit to all sources of materials used that come from other web sites. If it is exclusive to Bruce's Angels, it may be used with permission. If you don’t ask permission, we will still be flattered because it will be evident where the graphics came from and we will be thrilled that our material is liked so much that it is used elsewhere. This also applies to our affiliate sites: Kool Bruce Payne, Bruce Payne Rules and Welcome to the House of Payne.  Graphics from our other associates, Bruce Payne in French and Magnificent Bruce Payne, as a courtesy, require permission from their webmasters.



Let us extend a personal invitation to all to join our Bruce’s Angels Forum in discussing one of our favorite subjects – Bruce Payne. This is an open forum, visible to all; we have nothing to hide. It’s just a simple registration process to join; after all, we have to know who you are so we can give you a big welcome. We do ask you to provide a valid email address.  If you’re uncomfortable using your real name on the board, no problem, use whatever nickname you’d like. We only ask for a few simple guidelines on this forum: 1) No verbal attacks against Bruce Payne or other members of the forum. We understand everyone may not agree on the same things, but we can discuss it in a civilized manner without attacking; 2) No bad language or explicit sexual comments. Posts of this nature will be deleted and membership banned.

Advertising your fan site is OK with us as long as it is Bruce-related. Feel free to use links to other sites that link to Bruce-related material.

That's it, folks...Feel free to drop in as often as you like. We want Bruce Payne fans to have a positive experience visiting us without feeling intimidated or in fear that you're doing something wrong by clicking on anything on our site. We also allow you to mention other fan sites.  We acknowledge all the Bruce Payne fan sites out there.  But if you criticize, you must keep it civilized.


In June 2006, another fan site attacked us in a libelous way. Here is the link to the retraction and apology offered by the person who wrote these statements.  Click here.